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Gina Langworthy
West Chester, OH

Phone: 513-505-9303

Email:  gina@ASliceOfHeaven.net 




"My family wanted to celebrate my husband's adoption of my two kids from a previous relationship. We had decided to order a sheet cake from a local retailer's bakery, until I saw pictures of Gina's beautiful cakes. I talked to my husband and we both agreed that since this was a different kind of party we wanted the cake to be the centerpiece. Gina and I are old high school friends and I already knew I was in good hands with her. As soon as we started discussing the idea for our "Adoption Cake" I knew she was on the same page. There was so much talk about this cake and the anticipation of seeing what she created was almost too much to take. Finally the day of the party and we were most excited about the cake. We went to pick it up, and OMG! It was BEAUTIFUL! Far more than I even imagined. Everyone at the party was blown away that the cake was butter cream icing and not that fondant stuff that everyone uses these days (ewww). The icing was so smooth that it looked like it could have been fondant. When it came time to cut our cake, I didn't want to cut this beautiful piece of art, but it was so worth it because this cake was amazing. We had half white with raspberry filling and half chocolate with chocolate chip fudge filling. Best cake I have ever eaten. Thank goodness there was some left, I froze it for those times we have a sweet tooth and need something to go with our coffee. :) Rest assured that Gina is my Cake Lady from now on. With 3 kids and many mile stones ahead we will always have a reason to eat cake!!! Thank you Gina, for sharing your talent and love of cake with all of us. You are AWESOME!!!”



Bridget Meyer Felts



“Gina was a God send to me and my husband. We really had a specific order for our wedding cake. Gina went above and beyond to find our cake flavor we wanted and doing multiple layers to our taste. I actually drew her a picture and she pulled it off! The groom’s cake was perfect and looked just like the open wheel race car my husband wanted. Gina takes each cake very personally and does it with love. It tasted like a "Slice of Heaven" and Gina was an Angel from above making sure our special day had the perfect cake!”


Lisa and Tim Barry



“Gina has made the cake for every important event in my life. She made my high school graduation cake, wedding cake, baby shower cake, and several of my son's birthday cakes. She even made a few birthday cakes for me; one was a three dimensional panda bear cake, which will always be my favorite. Every time the cake was delicious and she is able to do a variety of flavors and fillings. All her cakes look wonderful and Gina herself is a pleasure to work with. She always wants to put the customer first and she always strives to do her best. Gina is able to use a variety of techniques to give your cake a one of a kind look, but she is also able to replicate your child's favorite TV show character. For me, no party is complete without a cake from Gina!”



Penny Kaucher




“Gina did my wedding cake back in 1994; I believe it was her 1st professional wedding cake. It was amazing! You couldn't even tell that she was just getting started. And now, 16 yrs. later, she is even more amazing.”



Becky and Scott Snow



 “Gina has made cakes, cookies, and chocolate covered caramel pretzels for both my professional and personal needs. She is the best at customizing, from The United Way logo on a cake to "feet" cookies for a podiatry group. She was able to duplicate my son's school mascot on a graduation cake, and even made cookies with my company logo hand written on all of them. I don’t know where else in the area I could get exactly what I need for business that tastes so great and is always affordable.”



Candy Creech



“Gina has made many cakes & cookies for our celebrations. From our 3 tiered wedding cake to my boy’s birthday cakes. She has even gone as far as decorating a pre-purchased ice cream cake. The butter cream icing is to die for & the cakes are moist as can be. I have had a lot of good comments from people who tried the cakes at our functions & passed her contact information on! After having Gina's cake I WILL NOT PURCHASE CAKES ANYWHERE ELSE!”


Jeannie Watson



“Gina did my wedding cake almost 15 years ago and it was beautiful and if I lived closer to her she would make all my cakes.”


Jaime and Brad Ellison


“Gina is a very talented cake decorator. She is always striving to meet the needs of her customers and relatives. I am a relative of Gina's and she made our wedding cake. I am not a cake eater so the only cake I will eat is carrot cake. I provided her with a homemade recipe that I love and she made the cake to suit, complete with buttercream icing and it was so very delicious.

A year later, I took the cake topper on a cruise for our one year anniversary...yes, a cruise with my in-laws. Everyone laughed at me carrying that cake through the airport and onto the cruise ship. Two days into the cruise (our anniversary), I pulled out the perfectly thawed cake and shared it with his family. They were all impressed as to how good it tasted and were shocked that there was no freezer burn taste or "old" cake taste. It tasted as if we were having it on the very day she made it.

I still get reminded of our wedding cake to this day and we have been married 12 years.”

Melissa and Andy Manning